Writing Prompts on Nature

Nature has been a constant source of inspiration for writers and poets from all centuries. It has always been easy for us as writers to marvel at her beauty and express it through our words. Many philosophers seek and gain wisdom from nature’s stillness and movement. Many of us, have found solace in nature’s heart. As writers, we are able to give you a part of her presence, mysticism and knowledge through our words. As readers, you feel her magnificence wash over you as you read the works of such writers.

So that, even when far from her, you are close to her.

For the first week of the writing prompts, it is only natural for us to turn to nature for inspiration.


Winning Write-Up on ‘The Setting Sun’ by R.J.

The setting sun is the mark of an end. And the hope of a future. With the setting sun comes darkness and for some, peace. The hues, orange and gold, make us feel like we’re bathing in the dying embers of a fire that has moulded our day.

The lines written by R.J. (in the picture above) takes inspiration from the romantic feel of sunsets and beaches. We are let in on an intimate moment between two lovers, wrapped up in the quiet solace of nature and each other. As his eyes promise her his future, she promises him an eternity of remembering him and their love;

“His eyes held the dawn, to Her Sunset;
As her lips promised him the words,
‘My heart will never forget'”


Winning write-up on ‘The Waterfall’ by Avinash

Waterfalls are a mystical force of nature. A waterfall cascading down in lines of smoothness and elegance is a bewitching and mesmerizing sight. It looks like a fabric made of the softest material, in constant motion. Sitting beside a waterfall, feeling the droplets on your face, breathing in the smell of the river and listening to the chirpy water always throws us into an alternative universe.

The deep, thought-provoking lines on ‘The Waterfall’ by Avinash (in the picture above), draws upon this spell-binding and energizing quality of a waterfall. The revitalizing qualities of a torrent eases away the stress and the tension of a person who has been facing difficulties in life. Along with the person, we too find ourselves refreshed when reading the lines,

‘Since fortune has left me crying,
I flow, fall and trying.
Hence your fine grains touch my soul,
Sitting under you gives me immense call.


Winning Write-up on ‘The Snake’ by R.J.

Snakes have a reputation of being creepy. They are the number one elements of denoting evil in any piece of fiction. Snake bites are venomous and their lurches are terrifying. As a kid, I was terrified of snakes more than ghosts (I still am). The slither and the hiss of a snake sends chills down our spine and visits us in our nightmares.

The short poem by RJ (in the picture above) reaches into the depths of enchantment and myticism where snakes and pythons reside. A snake talks to us and invites us to experience a part of its life; to understand the creature that it is beyond its reputation of horror.

Nature in her magnificence is tranquil and serene until disturbed by the thoughtlessness and cruelty of man. Natural disasters are a way of humbling us; to teach us lessons that we were either too blind or stubborn to realize.

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