Notes on Emotions

NOTES ON EMOTIONS: is a series that focuses on helping writers write through the emotions that they or their characters feel.


Write-up submitted by Mehreen

I grew up from being a teenager to a strong woman realising that life isn’t about being too serious but then facing challenges boldly and selecting the best alternative from among choices….. It’s not really necessary for people to over emphasize on that one bad habit which they wanted to get rid of as time passes by everything will change without your knowledge this is how I grew from an introvert to an extreme extrovert from a girl having stage fear to a woman who can speak boldly in front of any crowd… Remember you are always a queen and you definitely have the capacity to build your own empire.

This truly touching write-up, submitted by Mehreen, captures the strength, resilience and the essence of evolving into a better version of ourselves. She asks us not to be pulled down by the weight of our bad habits, our weaker selves. She puts forth her own growth as an example and reminds us all that we are always a queen.

Write-up submitted by R.J.

I find comfort in strangest of things;
Like tracing my fingertips-
on the edge of pens,
Or repeating my thoughts in Silence;
Like waking up at ungodly hours of five,
Knowing no one will find-
if I laughed or just cried;
Like reading those same words-
from the same books,
And still smiling with raging butterflies,
sporting the same look;
I find it comforting,
When in a crowd, I stare at something,
While my thoughts are mists of nothing;
I find comfort in the possibility of you and me,
And shying away with thoughts of what we can be;
I find comfort in my bubbles of words,
Spoken just inside my head;
Or with the thoughts,
That forced my tears to be shed;
Though, it’s unsettling,
That in the next moment,
I might not see, feel or breathe-
Yet it’s comforting,
At least once I got to live;

Have you ever wondered what goes through a writer’s mind? Where their scribbles and wisdom comes from? This write-up, submitted by R.J., reveals the intricate processing of a writer’s mind. The way we find comfort in the strangest of things; the way we zone out, lost in the comfort of our own thoughts. The essence of being a writer, who sees life as it is, is beautifully portrayed in this piece.


Write-up submitted by R.J.

“You think fear’s a Demon?
And think he got claws?
You think he has you cluchted,
With all your flaws?
Well, he is a Demon,
But only to you;
He’s afraid of things,
That you can’t think;
But, only for you;
He’s anxious for you’ll be hurt,
And tries to protect-
By closing all your senses shut;
So, next time when you are afraid,
Just like you, He’s too scared.”

Fear! A very frightening emotion. It clutches our heart and traps our thinking cells. R.J., however, unmasks the emotion and shows us the other face of Fear. She emphasises with Fear and shows us that fear itself is afraid. This fresh perspective on fear asks us to remember that Fear, like us, is just as scared.

Write-up submitted by A. Maryam

“Paralytic, Traumatic;
Hands up and freeze!
It slithers down your spine,
Bite down on that whine.
It ties up your guts,
Barricades your mind.
When did you last meet fear of this kind?
Kick it, lay down.
Palpitize, Terrorize;
Purify your sins since you can’t confess.
A rumble in your tummy that caresses your caracass;
Takes hold of your senses
Wounds you up like a clockwork.
Hold up, does that Glock work?
Desperate, Depressive,
No way out when fear holds you down.
Hold up, gotta make a quick run to town.
It catches your feet, trips you up.
Holds you down, deep underwater.
Senses fade; does anything matter?
Nothing matters as you let it all go black.
Hands down, limbs go slack.

Fear is a paralytic emotion. It freezes our senses and turns off reason. It switches on our ‘fight or flight’ mode. The core of fear as a paralytic, restrictive force is displayed in this write-up. The chaos, and the ways in which fear can take hold of a person is aptly described.


Write-up submitted by Munira Juzer

“You’re like a surprise,
You’re sudden and immediate,
I had never planned for you,
But just the next moment I gazed into your eyes,
My heart unknowingly ventured towards you,
My stomach rolled up with butterflies,
And in a second of sudden amazement,
The curtains were up,
The surprise was disclosed,
And I saw love and you breathing on the same page of my heart.”

This write-up, submitted by Munira Juzer, is deeply romantic. It displays the feeling of an unexpected, pleasant romance; the feeling of falling for someone you never expected to fall for. This piece will definitely leave butterflies in your stomach and make your heart flutter.

Write-up submitted by Avinash

“Climbing up a rocky mountain,
I roam here and there
Lost, tired and broken
They don’t believe in appreciation.
Not even recognised, but
I am breathing in passion.
I forget why I started
I am surprised where I ended.”

This write-up, submitted by Avinash, talks about the toll of achieving a goal. The passion overflows, making up for the unsung effort. The journey, full of tough work, end in an unexpected surprise.

Write-up submitted by R.J.

“Walking down the silent street,
I didn’t think much of the serenity;
As I enjoyed my time with-
The whispering breeze and whooshing trees;
I thought nothing could break this spell,
But, you took me by surprise,
As you cracked my shell-
Right, when you fell,
Into my arms;
Weirdly it felt warm,
And though I was startled,
I felt Calm.”

Another romantic write-up, based on surprise. This one, submitted by R.J., will definitely flash scenes of romance in tv dramas, where the hero catches the heroine as she is about to fall. This is the new classic, a modern classic of sorts. And the depth of it is beautifully portrayed in this piece.

So, these were the extremely beautiful, heart-touching write-ups that were submitted to us for the 2nd week of HeartFlow.

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