Story Prompts

Prompt 1

Story Prompt -1 : ‘He stood atop the skyscraper looking down at the sea of white. His heartbeat was steady. He was ready.’

Steady Focus Wins The Day

by Dr. Naseem Mariam

He stood atop the skyscraper looking down at the sea of white. His heartbeat was steady. He was ready.
Roshan looked across the room at his wife & became reminiscent.

Was it just 5 years ago that he had returned home in despair with a pink slip? How would Reema react: would she be disgusted and leave him, as was the fashion nowadays? Oh how will he spend his days at home without getting in her way? She was a wonderfully strong person, focused on her own evolution. Mother of 2 girls aged 12 and 9 years, she supervised the maids and ensured the house ran like clockwork. Just a year ago, she had started her network marketiing Health & Wellness business working from.home. She was strong enough financially and emotionally to exist without him.
So he had feared Reema would chuck him.out of his life … for being a failure. She was always v aware of leaving a legacy and giving a good example for the girls Maya and Jaya to follow.

So Rohan’s car slowly meandered down the streets from his office,. his belingings of 15 years of great job filled just 3 brown boxes … and a severance cheque of 3 months salary. He was fortunate to have negotiated a bit and gt the severanve cheque. Other colegues minds had gone numb with shock and had not spoken up, though he had adviced them to ask.
Rohan purposely took a long winding aimlessly long route, driving so slowly that cars behind would honk at him to.move on.

Yes. He now had to move on. Almighty had thrown him off the cliff … Like the mother eagle does with her young. The cliff side seemed enormous as he was no longer young single and carefree. He had to put inhis mite to support his girls, then there was the EMI for the house, monthly medicines fir his parents. Good thing that Reemas parents were able to support their own lifestyle and medical needs.

Now finally Rohan turned the last corner, entered the gated community, parkef his car … looked upto the heavens and prayed for courage toface Reema, his parents and the girls. At least he had had the forethought to inform Reema and get her help to break tge news to his parents. She was a master negotiator and could present the worst news in an agreeable manner. And anyhow, Dad followed Mums stance … and Mum loved Reema : often i suspect even more than she loved me.

Hmmm … Gotta go and facs the music. Rang the bell. Reema opened the door beaming, and said: ‘Welcome home.”

Later that evening, after the girls had slept, we had a family conference n mastermind. Topic: What can Roshan do, what skills does he need to earn ?”

In the past 3 months Roshan had started a few online courses on digital marketing. So it was decided that Roshan will build up his personal brand online, become proficient in the skills required, become an influencer, create his own online courses, create a tribe from whom.he would accept a few mentees too. Reema wanted to also upgrade her skills so she could use to grow her Health & Wellness tribe. Roshan & Reema would thus learn to grow together.

That was 5 years ago. Today Roshan & Reema have come together to the office as Roshan had a very important meeting.

As an Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn influencer Roshan had created a great personal brand for his Leadership Coaching Services.

Today the CEO and the advisory board of a Fortune 500 company were here to sign off on a yearly training calender for middle management & personalized mentoring services to key personnel.

Roshan had learnt a lot, experimented whole heatedly, made enough mistakes to become as skilled as possible, as soon as possible.

Do you want to know how the meeting went? Yes, Roshan got the order. It wad first of many. The testimonials of staff and top management naturally worked its magic on social media. With 80% automation and a core team of employees Roshan flourished in the years to come.

Are you wondering what happened to Reemas Health & Wellness marketing business? With skills of marketing and free valueable information on her blogs, her sales copy, and the lead pages … couples interested in Health & Wellness were shortlisted thru automated systems before the first personal call between interested couples & our leading hero couple of R&R (Reema-Roshan). Using Digital marketing and social media to share valueable content 80% of the time when mixed with 20% nudge, probe, pull sales emails, blog pists and webinars started the success and progressive realization of a great tribe of Health & Wellness enthusiasts. The tribe’s leadership skills were easily reinforced by Roshans range of digital courses, products and services.

The gap between your Dreams and your Success must be filled with Patience, Prayer and Action.

Steady focus & patience does bring success, serenity, contentment and Holistic Wellness.

Illutrated Illusion

By Avinash

He wanted to reach the tip of the building. Despite raised in a slum, he had dreams of any rich kids you know.

Ruku, the name by which his parents used to call him, was ambitious like a boiling water covered by a rusted lid.
His eyes were sparking to lit up the dark midnight. They were so bright he couldn’t look at the waves of clouds beneath.
He jumped the highest he could but failed to sustain.

He fell down, this time it wasn’t dark but he lost.

Prompt – 2

Story Prompt-2:
An uncle whom you’ve never met has recently passed away. No one in your family has ever talked about him. To everyone’s shock, his will mentions one name: yours. You get ready to inherit your strange uncle’s properties. But even then you are not prepared for what he has left behind.

True Love

By Dr. Naseem Mariam

An uncle whom I had never met recently passed away. No one in my family had ever talked about him. I had notvseen any ofvhis photos in the family album. To everyone’s shock, his will mentions one name: mine. I get ready to inherit my strange uncle’s properties. But am I really prepared to bring buried skeletons out of our family cupboard?

Mum Maya, Dad Suresh and I Preeti lived in Chennai. This ‘new uncle’ Uncle Ramesh had lived in Gurgaon. His lawyers contacted me and asked me to meet them at Uncle Ramesh’s palatial house in Gurgaon. To complete the formalities and decide what was to be done with Uncles estates and the house. Would I like to settle down and start afresh there? Establish a caretaker and/or tenant or sell the house? Meet Uncles estate manager and plan where and how the proceeds of the estates would be distributed.

At 22 years old, this was a new world opening up to me. Dad & Mum worked as Senior Software engineers. We had a comfortable life but the pictures which accompanied the lawyers letter blew my mind away. It was exactly like my dream home (i even had a pic of a similar house on my vision board). When you visit Chennai do drop in and you can see the amaxing likeness.

So i flew to Delhi and travelled to Gurgaon to Uncle Ramesh’s palatial home, read and signed the official documents. Then justvsat in Uncle Ramedhs study trying to absorb what type of a personthis Uncle was. In the photos he looked like a leaner, younger version of my Dad Suresh.

Going thru Uncles desk, I saw his diaries. Went back in time 23 years. Diary of 1998. Uncle Ramesh was my Dads twin 2 minutes elder. Maya was the neighbour’s daughter and the twins & Maya had grown up together. Lots of photos in the album. When Maya was 22 years old, she had chosen Suresh to get married to. Suresh had started working at a great software firm in Bangalore with branches all over India
Whereas Ramesh was still finding his feet as an entrepreneur. Her parents may have had some influence on the decision.

Just a few days before the wedding, Suresh ran away with 5 lakh rupees and their enraged father cut ties with Suresh. 3 years later Suresh did return to Chennai. He gave back the 5 lakh rupees and asked forgiveness but their father was very embittered and did not pardon Suresh.

At that time I was just 9.month old baby. He did take back with him many snaps of his brother, Maya and me. Dad and Mum lived with my paternal grandfather and were scared of him. So they too lost track of Uncle Ramesh.

Thats how Uncle had left all that he owned to me Preeti Suresh.

Prompt – 3

Story Prompt-3:
‘Her hands hovered over the ancient tomb as she felt around for the source of the vibration. The magic in her bones sprung to life. Her heartbeat sped up as her magic turned to ‘fight-or-flight’ mode.

Phoenix of 7 Star

By R.J

The leaves crunched under their hasty steps and hairs swooshed with the autumn breeze. Their uniform ruffled with the wind and the badges of ‘The 7Star ★ Academy’ on their chest shone under the sun. They huffed and puffed with every step and yet the cross from the map appeared to be so far.

“Are you sure this is where we’ll find it?” Tan asked with a tired sigh.

“If I remember the signs correctly, then Yes,” Luna replied. Her eyes trained on the piece of paper clutched in her hand.

“Are we there yet?” Tan asked a while later.


“Are we there yet?” A few minutes later, he asked again.

“Not yet.” She answered patiently.

“Now?” Tan asked again just get some reaction from her. He was getting bored from watching all the trees and falling leaves.

“No!” She snapped. “Let me concentrate.” She added.

They wandered ahead a little more. Luna is in the front while Tan followed her without any further questions or any noise from him. She was very focused on finding their destination.

“We’re here!” Pointing towards the tree logs, Luna exclaimed in glee.

“You got us snuck out from the academy in the middle of my detention to show me these useless logs? We can get in a lot more trouble, you know?” Tan asked in disbelief.

Luna sheepishly walked towards the logs and explained herself, “Don’t you think it’s cool? We can make our little shed here and use it as our meeting spot.”

Tan heaved a long sigh. Though the situation was a little stupid from Luna’s antic but, he loved her too much to be upset about it. And plus her idea wasn’t all bad if you think about it. After inspecting the logs Tan and Luna started discussing building their secret spot. At last, they decided to come back tomorrow with suitable equipment and a perfect plan. For now, they decided to hide the logs somewhere. Tan heaved the logs but something caught his eyes.

“What’s this?” Tan asked as he looked down at the ground.

While he was moving the logs, a log scratched the mud on the ground revealing something that looked like carved stone. They both looked at each other for a second and in silent agreement took a step back. Luna pointed her palm to the ground and a bright light shot from it booming the mud away. They looked at the stone tomb with strange symbols carved at the top. With a wary look and cautious steps, they got closer to the tomb. They both felt this strange yet overwhelming energy from the tomb. Luna got a little more closer, her hands hovered over the ancient tomb as she felt around for the source of vibration. The magic in her bones sprung to life. Her heartbeat sped as her magic turned to ‘flight or fight’ mode.

“Luna?! Luna!” Sensing something strange Tan called her out asking her to move away from that thing. But, she was long gone. Her eyes turned all black and then in seconds everything around them was blinded by the light and energy emitted from the tomb. Tan used his last detention spell to make a shield around him and Luna. The carved stone tomb boomed open knocking them feet away, leaving Luna unconscious.

Tan felt helpless he could no longer use his magic and cursed himself to the seven stars and back for being careless and getting the detention. He considered carrying the unconscious Luna and running away. He was so lost in between cursing himself for the detention and debating to carry Luna he didn’t notice the being before him. He looked up when he felt a swoosh of wind, the flaming red and orange with specks yellow flapped its wings before them.

“A Phoenix!” Tan mumbled not able to believe his eyes. Phoenix we’re long extinct and yet one flapped its wings before his eyes. He looked in awe.

“Your friend there, she’s dying.” The voice snapped him out of whatever it was, making focus back on Luna. He felt the ground to be swept off from the words. His hand and legs felt weak, he felt utterly helpless and wanted to scream.

“How do you know?” Tan asked in accusation.

“She unleashed something in herself while breaking the tomb. It’s overwhelming for her weak mortal body.” The voice answered.

“Can you help her then?!”

In answer to that the Phoenix bowed his head before Luna and took a pledge, “I, the Phoenix of the fourth star pledge my guardianship to Luna Lamlight, and share her powers, and lend mine whenever needed. Till her last breath.” The Phoenix said in his strong echoing voice.

A streak of Luna’s dark brown hair turned into burning red and orange as of fire. A light breath released from her pink full lips as her eyes stirred behind her lids. Feeling a little exhausted Luna sat up and looked wide-eyed, the Phoenix before them. Swallowing hard she looked at Tan in question. Tan smiled in relief and thanked all the Seven Stars. He explained everything from the start leaving out the part about her almost dying. The Phoenix, on Luna’s request, shrunk himself to a bird to be able to be with her without any problems.

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