Visual Prompts: Series 2

Visual prompts are a series of image/picture prompts, given to our writers to spark their imagination and creativity.

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Once a year I used to go to an exhibition and then try to illustrate different strategies but two years back I got on a Ferris wheel and I met a girl coincidentally in the same passenger compartment.

She was crying when it was rotating upright and she suddenly sat up saying that she wanted to suicide and I asked ‘Is this some kind of joke or attention-seeking method?’ She was annoyed and said you know nothing about me and I commented: “If we couldn’t find a solution before the exhibition ends, I’m the one who’s gonna push you down”.

She sat and asked me if we don’t find a solution ‘Are you really gonna push me?’ I said we will talk after leaving this wheel. She nodded her head up and down. I took her to the cafe in the exhibition after leaving the giant wheel.

She started to tell that her parents died in a car accident and she was left alone where relatives and friends started to abandon her. She was feeling leftover, lonely and depressed. “And I didn’t know whom to say these things because I hadn’t hit puberty yet. This made me stress and embarrass my friends and relatives so it made my parents disappointed and they lost focus while driving. They met with an accident.”
I asked her to consult a doctor. “So they will help you to get it and I think u got a solution.”
She started to say, “How silly I was to think of suicide for this matter.”

And I said that it was not silly, and that she could not focus on solving the problem when the things hit her mind with negative emotions.

I said, “Don’t feed ur mind with negative emotions because negative things take over your control on your mind. Just smile and relax so u can control negative effects with positive energy. Do it alone because fewer people make time for you when you’re in need and they gonna support you but you’re the one who’s gonna face it so habituate the things and accept the regrets then you will enjoy the present moment.”

She just said, “Don’t talk unnecessarily.”
And I said sorry and left after paying the bill. What I couldn’t understand was, “Did I talk unnecessarily or maybe she couldn’t accept it?” I just felt irritated for a second and said, “Maybe I said that unnecessarily but I saved someone; it’s what matters.”
But the same thought came over every time unintentionally and I asked my few friends about the situation. They said if we don’t talk unnecessarily then we may never become best friends because every word matters for us but when someone’s always silent and when we think back these gonna make us happy so I thought it was clear and stopped thinking about it. But I always wonder what happened to her. I understood one thing I should control myself. while talking even though people are open-minded.

~ Hemanth

I had been to Melbourne, Australia in the 2014. My sister Sharon was celebrating her 25th Silver Wedding Anniversay. The weather changes like the mood of a woman, but the sunrises and sunsets are really out of this world beautiful and breathtaking. Im a lover of nature in all her array of beauty.
My maternal uncle decided to take us out to the city which is very far from where uncle lives. The train ride provided a feast for my eyes looking out the window. That day, the plan was to go for a boat ride and on the ‘Melbourne Eye’. You guessed it – the Ferris Wheel.
Im a scaredy cat when it comes to heights. This giant wheel really made me nervous. My uncle of course kept talking about various topics and we laughed and chatted away till we reached the platform from which we had to get on to the Ferris Wheel. Would you believe it, we had to hop on while the wheel moved slowly.
After we got on, the wheel moved very slowly that i didnt know we were going up. It was a beautiful sight. Ever so slowly the docks came into view. My uncle pointed out interesting landmarks for us to see. Then gradually all the buildings grew tiny and the clear blue sky was left to be admired. White fluffy clouds looked suspended in the sky. Some looked like cotton candy withtrailing whisps. All the time unnoticed by us the wheel was moving and we were descending ever so slowly. All too soon we had to hop off the Melbourne Eye.
I forgot about being afraid. Appreciation of nature and the wonderful view from above had me spell bound. I never forgot that ride. I wouldn’t do it again as i’ve grown older and so is my uncle.
It is sad that thinking of visiting far off places can no longer be on ny list for some time to come.

~ Althea

Peace Reigns Supreme:

Once upon a time long long ago there lived 2 rajas who ruled adjacent kingdoms. Raja Bhoj had married Brinda the sister of Raja Prem. There was peace and prosperity in both the lands for 3 years.

Suddenly, no one knew why — and the 2 Rajas refused to confide in anyone —
there was a huge misundertanding, which remained unresolved and led to enmity and turmoil between the 2 kingdoms. Like India and Pakistan.

This boathouse was located on the border of these kingdoms. The people of both kingdoms were ordered not to visit this boathouse.

Raja Prem had a son Pritam who had been just 2 years old when marriage of Raja Bhoj and Princess Brinda had taken place. He was now 24 years old. He loved to hunt. One day he lost his way from the rest of the hunting party.Tired hungry and all alone he reached the outskirts of his father’s kingdom.

He sat down near this lake to cool his face and heard a sweet song from the nearby woods. On the other side of the lake, he saw a girl combing her hair, singing praises of Prince Pritam. She seemed to know all his exploits.

Pritam forgot his father’s orders, crossed the boathouse and spoke to the girl. He introduced himself and the girl was happy yet shy. She told him she was his aunt Brinda and Raja Bhoj’s daughter. Her mother missed her homeland very much. She had played with Pritam from the day he was born and so would enquire often from travellers about her nephew Prince Pritam.

Thus started the clandestine meetings between Beena and Pritam. One day Bhoj announced to Beena that a prince from far away had asked for her hand in marriage. Beena immediately sent a message to Pritam asking him to confide in his mother Prema and visit the boathouse at 9pm that night. Beena told her mother that she wanyed to marry only Pritam … and Pritam was bringing his mother at 9pm that night to the boathouse.

Thus was the conspiracy hatched to get the consent of the 2 rajas. Pritam’s mother inserted painting of Princess Beena in a set of paintingsof girls that had come for Pritam. She gave the bunch of photos to Prem and asked him to choose. Prem naturally selected Beenas photo.

Over at Raja Bhoj palace, Rani Brinda mentioned casually that Prince Pritam was searching for a bride too. She criticized Pritam and made fun of him, belittled his achievements and his acumen. Raja Bhoj got angry at the injustice to his male race. He spoke up for Prince Pritam.

Thus the rajas finally agreed to the marriage of Pritam & Beena. Three years passed. The boathouse was the favourite haunt and today their son Prince Prithvi Junior insisted on fishing in the lake.

After an hour, Prithvi came back with a chain having Raja Prem’s insignia. Then the waters of the lake was searched. A jewel box containing 2 fine sparkling rings surfaced: one ruby, one enerald.

Seeing this box, both the rajas hugged each other joyously. Now finally the story came out. When Princess Beena was born, Raja Prem had got 2 rings crafted: one for himself and one for his brother-in-law Raja Bhoj. The rings would seal their friendhip and remind each of the other.

Raja Prem wanted Raja Bhoj to select first. When the jewel box did not reach him, Raja Bhoj was upset. He assumed Raja Prem was not true to his promise. And did not want be friends with him. When Raja Bhoj did not return the 2nd ring, Raja Prem assumed that Raja Bhoj liked both the rings and was rejecting his friendship.

Now it was obvious that the messenger had drowned in the lake.

So all’s well that ends well. Raja Bhoj selected emerald and Raja Prem wore the ruby. Both the families and the peiple of both kingdoms lived happily ever after.

The boathouse is opened to public on Sunday evenings. Now the boathouse is very happy. It had been waiting all these years … to tell the world that the jewel box was in the depths of its lake.

~ Dr. Naseem Mariam


The sea reflection perceives my darkness and light so I always remember my true self when I see the image of myself on the surface of the sea. I never forget, “who I am. what is my passion? How I treat others? Where did I stop perceiving myself? When am I gonna start perceiving myself? why should I?” because that’s what makes me original and unique.

~ Hemanth

The Universe is pleased with me glorifying its charm
Tuning myself causing no harm
What would one require other than being calm?
For I am really grateful to have hold your arm.
This was what I was wanting…
To be amidst the lake, Embracing the cool breeze,
This would never confine to solitude
But when together, our hearts would ease.
I’m grateful to him for this shelter,
Spread among the exemplary boundaries of Nature.
I would just still pray for more humility
That my heart forever strives to nurture!

~ Thaiyaba Anjum

The Acrimonious Veracity:

The Mahakaleshwar Temple, situated on the Beas river in Pragpur, Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most ancient temples of the Himalayas, dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity, Shiva. This temple enshrines a unique ‘lingam’, a symbol of Shiva, found deep below the ground level. The walls of the temple are decorated with magnificent monuments and hold several antique tombs. There are important settlements on the bank of Beas river, two of them being Kullu and Mandi.

Radhika Singh, a Rajput lady of twenty-five years lived in Kullu with her middle-aged parents. On the other hand, Pranjal Vaidya, a young lad of thirty-one was an inhabitant of Mandi who lived in a joint-family. Both of them were very good friends since childhood and their families were also on good terms with each other. They studied in the same renowned school of Kangra district and attended the private classes lectured by one of the reputed teachers of that district. The journey of both their student lives were very similar, intertwined with one another and the frequent interactions, encounters and precious moments brought them closer throughout the years, right from childhood to young adulthood. The Mahakaleshwar temple was one of the many tourist spots as well as the place where both Radhika and Pranjal would meet almost everyday. Priceless memories and golden moments between them were etched in the surreal collection of the pages of history of this temple, cherished by each of them always and forever.

But destiny frames its own rule and marks the fate of all of us. Caste-based prejudice had long been a fact of life in the Himachal. Pranjal belonged to the so-called scheduled caste family whereas Radhika was from a well-off royal Rajput background. Radhika’s family would not accept Pranjal for anything and hence, declined the proposal of the Vaidya’s, asking for Radhika’s hand in marriage with Pranjal. Eventually, the two lovers were strictly prohibited by their respective families from even going to the temple so as to lessen the chances of facing each other incidentally.

Two months passed. Radhika’s parents had already chosen Dhruv Kumar for her to be engaged with in the month of February. With just one month left in hand for her engagement, Radhika sought the blessings of Lord Shiva and thus, decided upon worshipping the deity alone for the last time before her engagement with Dhruv. In the meanwhile, she had come to know that she was already carrying the baby of Pranjal in her womb for the past three months but somehow managed to keep this pitch black truth only to herself, away from the discovery of anyone else lest matters get more convoluted. Nevertheless, she was struggling deep inside, incessantly trying to figure out means to confide in Dhruv such a bitter truth!

The air was a bit plaintive that day, the sky being overcast with dark, gloomy, coppery clouds, which apparently mourned with Radhika’s grief-stricken heavy heart and seemed willing to absorb all her sorrows in one gulp, sympathizing with her melancholy. It was afternoon, ten minutes to five and the sun was about to set. Radhika was standing on the balcony of her life-long favourite temple, reminiscing the romantic instants spent with her beloved exactly at that spot. She felt an irresistible pain persistent in her aching heart, led by an inexplicable mount of tears smashing her vocal cord and shattering all her hopes within herself, trying to forcefully erupt her soul out of her physical self. She was engrossed in her daze, engulfed in the vivid evocation of her perennial acquaintance, familiarity and intimacy of her very own Pranjal. Radhika was suddenly awakened from her trance by a familiar voice followed by the sound of the sacred temple bell her ears had been used to, all her life.

Hesitatingly turning around, she couldn’t believe her eyes which rested on someone who was probably the closest to her, someone she had been knowing for ages but her ill-fate deprived her of his company for the last few months. To her awe, a tall, gaunt man in the traditional kurta-pyajama stepped into the temple who was none but her ‘Pranjal’. Her presence didn’t go unnoticed by Pranjal’s eyes either and after a few seconds, both their eyes met each other from a distance.

A stream of uncontrollable tears dripped from Radhika’s eyes, wetting her bland cheeks with a faint fervid smile on her face, expressing all the love and evoking all the emotions for Pranjal deeply buried in the core of her heart which only Pranjal could perceive, fathom and comprehend. Forgetting about everything for a moment, putting long footsteps towards his sweetheart, Pranjal almost ran into Radhika. A solemn silence pervaded their still mutual glances, somehow resisting their ardent desire to embrace each other. However, the intense, passionate love that prevailed in their hearts finally gave way to a fervent kiss, when Pranjal caressed Radhika’s shoulder and held her arm with a tight grip. Pranjal’s lips halted right above Radhika’s puffy, pale, succulent lips. She pressed her mouth to his and the ineffable kiss interlaced both their lips together, like two people disappearing into one, taken over by sheer passion and lust. Both of them vehemently kissed their hearts out till Radhika blossomed like a fresh flower with earnest contentment. They embraced each other with tears rolling down their eyes. Pranjal pecked Radhika’s navel when for the first time, Radhika revealed that she was going to be the mother to his child since the previous three months.

Pranjal was taken aback by Radhika’s blunt choked voice with sobs of despair interrupting her confounding words. He could not believe his ears. Being reassured once again of the acrimonious veracity regarding the matter by Radhika, Pranjal could not help but ask her hand for marriage with himself in that very evening. Radhika melted at his offer like warm honey and dismissing all restrictions from her mind, she instantaneously agreed to be united with him that night. They became determined to break through the shackles of the society and to rise above all communal norms in honour of their mutual undying love, empathy, respect, trust and loyalty.

The love birds then asked the priest of the temple to get them married that night. Putting the holy, crimson red ‘sindoor’ on Radhika’s head, Pranjal vowed in the presence of Lord Shiva as witness, to always stay with her till oblivion, no matter what. Both of them were therefore, united in eternal love, taking oath to stay together forever, breaching the customary caste rules prevalent in the valley of Himachal Pradesh, solely to be combined with their unborn child, shielded by the seraphic and beautiful sheath of divine, sublime and soulful love.

Thus, the tree standing behind the historical Mahakaleshwar temple, the mighty Lord Shiva and the tranquil water of the sacred river Beas were the sole guests and witnesses of the marriage of probably the best couple of the world, both their hearts being entangled with each other in blissful eternal love which was as pure and translucent as the reflection of the temple in the water of Beas river.

~ Diotima Bose

I sensed my curiosity to know about him got intense thoughts and tried finding out his face… his identity …he was partially smart 6 feet tall he loved children alot … It was actually a fantasy staying around him …..he only appeared on my dreams I never found him ever in my real life.

~ Mehreen


Mom shows the purest love in the whole world. Being a mother is an impossible responsibility that no one can take her place even we want to replace but we never replace our mom here I wanna write a poem for my sweet mom.
Hey mom!
Have u ever thought
How to give up in your life
Have u ever felt
How to give up in your life
Have u ever fought
How to give up in your life
Have u ever figured out
How to give up in your life,
“Mom just says leaving responsibilities is equal to dying”.
‘I simply asked why?’
“She smiled and said being a mom is the responsibility, giving the commitment leads to the completion of duty and until I’m alive it’s an oath to fulfil my responsibilities so if I ever skip my responsibility to do something I’m gonna face the consequences which couldn’t come back that’s how I lost ur sister and my precious daughter”.
She started to cry!
But I said it’s not your fault mom and my mom said, “Even tho the pain makes me feel regret which I couldn’t accept.”
I love you mom, always! I hug my mom.
Here the small gift for you and kissed her cheek, my mom begins to smile, wiping her tears and hugged me back which made her relief for a bit.
    Mom’s are best because they carry every pain, every responsibility, every commitment, every emotion, every feeling and she carries the whole burden of the family with a cute smile and does everything without saying a single word.
Then how can’t we say that mom is best!
She is always the fairest, the most respectable and an irreplaceable person in the world.

~ Hemanth

The Mirage of Love:

Heart is the symbol of “LOVE” which is known to be the best feeling of th e world! A profoundly tender, passionate affection for someone, a feeling of warm personal attachment or intense fondness and endearment related to someone very close to heart-that is the kind of definition of love Naina had come across in her classes at school from her friends, teachers and in books. But hardly does she have such a pleasant experience of love in her real life. Love thus, has always appeared to her as a bizarre feeling probably to be encountered in fairytales or in dreams. Yes, Love is surreal for her since life has not rendered her a fond palate of love ever till date.
Naina’s mother had left the world soon after giving birth to her. A few months later her father had remarried and misfortune has constantly been on her way since the seed of her life. When she was five years of age, she knew that she had to take up some of the responsibilities of the household chores. Beginning right from sweeping floors to washing utensils to cooking meals, she grew up too early, unlike her contemporaries. Being a brilliant and diligent student, she somehow managed to cope with her lessons at school and was the most favourite of all her teachers though envied by most of her fellow-mates. At home, too, her step-sister and step-brother were loved and paid more importance in each and everything. Her father was the only person who could be called her own in the entire Universe but his love for her step-siblings got the better of her share. Hence, love seemed to be more like a hallucination, rather an apparition of love would prevail in the vision of her mind, never to be unravelled in its pure seraphic form to Naina.
At the age of thirty-one, being the wife of a rich merchant, standing at the window pane, staring at the galaxy partially obliterated by the full moon light in the night sky, she wonders whether love was actually destined to be in her fate ever. She may be recognized as the wife of the affluent Raghuveer Aggarwal but her personal life is no better now than it has ever been.Naina had been married off in this wealthy family when Raghuveer himself chose her, enchanted by her beauty and fascinated by her feminine tenderness. Nevertheless, she has always been at the receiving end of his masculine dominance and threats, patriarchal norms and sheer violence even for the slightest mistakes. Naina realised the difference between ‘lust and love’ gradually, over the years. Love, which is symbolised by the mirth of the colour “Red” has again become a delusion for her in her conjugal life. The colour of Red has become a notion of violence, a sensation of danger, an epitome of anger and hatred and an embodiment of seduction and desire. It has never been and probably will never be the colour to signify “Love” for her. Despite all odds, Naina is conscious of the imperishable mental strength she has acquired in the course of her journey of her so-called life. Or else, how is she still persevering with the irreparable loss in her heart caused by the unexpected demise of her child of two years a few days ago?
Naina firmly believes that God has perhaps gifted her this life as a test of the most onerous circumstances, keeping her at bay from the idea of ‘love’. For her, Red is the colour of the blood-stains induced by the recurring brutality of her tyrannical husband. For her, Red was and is most likely to always be the paragon of danger and crude torture. Standing by the window-sill, Naina keeps on gazing at the constellation in the sky, hoping to embrace love in the colour ‘Red’, exemplified by the model of ‘Heart’ if the Almighty would someday be a little merciful to take her to her mother in heaven or instead, to offer her someone who would possibly prove the essence, beauty and divinity of true and enternal love on the canvas of light and optimism, taking her to the brighter part of the planet.

~ Diotima Bose

The Desperate Smoke:

A red smoke..
A startling feel…
Triggered that chillness
You were beginning to heal.

Sadness around, u were blessed with me,
I knew you were needing, I just could see.
Leading In a way I was glad that
You were beginning to heal, slow and steady!

It was all so beautiful.
Felt like life was in a full circle
But suddenly shocked,
I felt like being locked.

I regret that it happened…
Answerable to the Creator too,
Leaving you again saddened,
I wish it could be me and never again you!

I don’t know the reason,
But just knew the efforts we put to make your bosom light up back.
But I’m really very sorry
I don’t know what I lack!

You need not expect, neither hope.
But just love me and hold on to that rope.
That tuff off smoke, that ray of glee
That Triggered chilness of warmth in you and me.

You still have affection and I don’t deny that,
That smile on your face reflects that smoke in your heart.
Empty and hollow, a lot alike prevail,
That precious beauty in your heart, which is that smoke of your innocence,
Is forever I hail!

~ Thaiyaba Anjum

Nanhi Pari ke liye:

Mere ghar aayi ek Nanhi pari !
Uske aane ke liye ki maine
Dua, roza, istikhaarah
Dus saal poore …

Usko mere Dad ne pukaara
Naseem Mariam ki beti Aasiya Maryam
Yehi uski pehchaan
Yehi thi uski duniya.

Phir ek din Pari ke par
Pari ke par udne ke betaab …
Pari ke par udne ke liye tayyaar,
Phir maa bus kya karein?

Maa ka dil bechain hua
Beti Insta Live announce kiya …
Karein ya na karein,
Karein ya na karein ke uljhan mein
Maa ka दिल bahar ki aa gaya.

Tab Allah ne Apni Rehmat se
Maa ka dil vaapas bejne …
Maa ka dil thamne
Bheje ek patient
Maa dil ki dil me dua ki
Patient ke khidmath mein lagi rahi …

Aur Nanhi Pari ka 1st Insta live shuru hua …
Ab live ke baad Pari
ka mann ???
Live ke baad Pari ka mann
Theek thaak hoye ga na nahi
Phir nikla dil bahar
Jhakke dekta …

Nanhi Pari ke par …
Nanhi Pari Aasiya Maryam beti of Naseem Mariam ho chuki hai

Aur ab maa ki pehchaan
Pari se hone laga …
Yehi toh duniya ki dastoor thi
Aur hamesa rahegi.

~ Naseem Mariam

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