Visual Prompts: Series 2

Visual prompts are a series of image/picture prompts, given to our writers to spark their imagination and creativity. Read our featured works: Once a year I used to go to an exhibition and then try to illustrate different strategies but two years back I got on a Ferris wheel and I met a girl coincidentallyContinue reading “Visual Prompts: Series 2”

Writing Prompts

Heartflow is an initiative started by Writerspuram to hone the skills of aspiring and dedicated writers. It is a series of prompts that channels the flow of creativity and thought. Since practice makes perfect, every writer needs practice. Writing can only be learned through enough practice. HeartFlow provides prompts that focus on developing the writingContinue reading “Writing Prompts”

First 3 Steps for any Aspiring Writer: How to start writing as a Beginner

Hello and welcome to Writerspuram, a place dedicated to writers, for writers. To all the brave and inspired people who decided to start writing fiction: Congratulations! You’ve decided to start writing fiction. When starting out you may have a thousand million doubts: How do I start? Where do I start? How do I divide myContinue reading “First 3 Steps for any Aspiring Writer: How to start writing as a Beginner”

Story Prompts

Prompt 1 Steady Focus Wins The Day by Dr. Naseem Mariam He stood atop the skyscraper looking down at the sea of white. His heartbeat was steady. He was ready.Roshan looked across the room at his wife & became reminiscent. Was it just 5 years ago that he had returned home in despair with aContinue reading “Story Prompts”