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Hello and welcome to Writerspuram, a place dedicated to writers, for writers.

Have you ever experienced the innate need to express your feelings? Or the unbearable urge to tell a story? A medium to capture your imagination? Here at Writerspuram, we teach you how to take hold of your feelings, let loose your imagination and craft it all into a story.

Now you may sit back and wonder, “Me? A writer?” You may also feel confused and bewildered. Rest assured; writers are not all born writers. Many of us stumbled upon writing. And most of us were driven to write. Let me tell you a secret: Anyone can write. You can write.

Let me tell you a kutty story from my childhood. I found my love for reading books at a very young age. I was a voracious reader at the tender age of 5. My passion for reading came from the magic that I found in the stories I read. Each book was a portal: an escape from reality. I used to look forward to my summer vacations, to read as many books as I could. One summer vacation, to my utter disbelief, I found that I had no more books to read in the house. I was at a loss. What was I to do with the rest of my summer vacation?

I then started pestering my mother for answers. And out of extreme irritability she said, ‘If you have no more books to read, then just start wrting your own. Add books that you’ve written to the shelf.’ As a 10-year-old, I was horrified at the thought. ‘Writers write; children can’t’ was the thought that flashed through me and haunted me. I mean, if children could write, there would have been books written by children. Which there were not, to my limited knowledge, back then. I was left even more confused than before.

My mother showed me that anyone can write. She had written her very first book way back in 2010. (She recently got it published in 2018. Click here to check out her book). A new possibility opened up to me when my mother authored her book. And my mind opened up to receive stories from the core of my imagination. I loved it! The stories were even more magical from within me. My imagination was not restricted to someone else’s imagination. I had found a magic of my own.

My very first story was crafted in the middle of the night. (Personally, I think that’s the reason why I write better at night). I had bombarded my mother with questions upon questions that night. ‘How did you write?’, ‘How could you write?’, ‘You’re not a “writer”!’. And my mom assured me that anyone, even I, can write. Writing is what makes you a writer. And not the other way round. That was the most valuable lesson she taught me.

She had even promised me that if I were to write 20 short stories, she would have it published after my 12th standard. My 11-year-old self was speechless. And my brain fired up. It started churning out stories way back then and it has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

As the years rolled by, I came to the conclusion that my mom had promised to publish my work only to shut me up back then. (I was asking way too many questions in the middle of the night). I realized, as I grew up, that getting a book published is no easy joke. I had also figured out that it would be beyond my mother to get it published. And so I wrote, not to have my work published, but to enjoy it. To create portals of my own to escape reality. Thereby also creating portals for anyone else willing to escape their reality. It was fun and magical.

And finally, when I completed my 12th, my mother went on to get my stories published. She kept the promise she had made to her 11-year-old daughter. She got 23 of my short stories published as a single book. (Click here for ‘Savoury Tales’). And she even got a novella of mine published along with my short stories. (Click here for ‘The Missing Princess’).

If a 11-year-old girl can find the magic within her, the ability to write and express herself, then I’m sure that anyone can. Anyone with a heart that feels and a mind that soars can write. Always, always, write to enjoy it yourself (the world be damned). Don’t let the fear or the pressure of publishing your book (or anything/anyone) get in the way. Discover your magic!

Welcome to Writerspuram!

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Writerspuram is a place dedicated to writers, for writers. Currently on a mission to help young adults express themselves through stories. Stay connected for creativity and fun.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post! I’ve also started writing from an early age and always believed I’m not good enough to be a writer, yet I continue scribbling words every day. πŸ˜‰

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