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Heartflow is an initiative started by Writerspuram to hone the skills of aspiring and dedicated writers. It is a series of prompts that channels the flow of creativity and thought. Since practice makes perfect, every writer needs practice. Writing can only be learned through enough practice. HeartFlow provides prompts that focus on developing the writing skills of interested writers through practice.

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Love Makes The World Go Round

Well, Ruby asked to replace the order. But the man who was taking her order was not able to understand her cuz of language problem. Then an Indian helped them out so the order taker said it wasn’t possible. The India asked her what she needed and she said nothing. Then he said, “Not a problem. We can exchange. So tell me.” And she asked for a burger meal. He came with the order and she told to sit with her.
They introduced themselves and started to talk. Then he asked her insta username and she gave her insta details and he followed her on Instagram. And then they finished eating and went home. He couldn’t stop thinking about the talk because he had never spoken to anyone in an open minded and honest way. His thoughts were revolving around her like she was the whole world. Love is a precious feeling. It doesn’t make us to revolve around the world but makes us to revolve around the person we love as she is the world to him … ❤️

~ Hemanth

The cackle of a Child,
when in a mother’s embrace;
Breathy laughs of friends,
Playing the chase;
Sneaky smiles of a partner in crime,
Standing together in punishment line;
Flirty touch,
Of your one true love;
Or a proud pat,
Of father’s trust;
A kind smile,
From a stranger;
Or a helpful hand,
While one in danger;
No matter the person,
No matter where it’s found;
Love makes the world go round;


Soft breeze through an open window

I love to sit in quiet and dark place alone by switching on air conditioner in a closed room. I opened my mobile to view a message from a group of hackers named shadow breacher. I got a message saying we’re trying to breach into a hospital where the scientist are working underground on the specific field to generate a psychic abilities so we can view their results on the test live. I asked, “Are we gonna leak their details by breaching into their cctv and computers?” He said, “Exactly. But u should clear the tracks.” I just said I’ll and I was just scared because even one single wrong thing will get us killed and I stopped AC for time being to feel the pressure of hot air in the room to increase the focus, I just opened my window then the soft and cold breeze touched my hair and face and I started to feel the flow of air so I got confident by letting go of my fears through breathing.

~ Hemanth

Soft Breeze Through-
An open window;
I saw her,
walk through the street;
With hazy feets-
And dancing ground;
Bottle in hand,
She was singing around;
Celebrating Or-
Swallowing her pain;
Don’t quite know-
What she was doing,
At night am’s;


Soft breeze through open window-
On a summer afternoon,
A room full of darkness and zephyr,
Curtains dancing on a sweet melody,
Window shying away behind them,
And just a few rays of light,
Fall onto your skin running lines over it,
Alluring you even more,
Or am I intoxicated?

Femme ordinaire

Soft Breeze through an Open Window
I lay dazzled at those twinkling
At a moment When I couldn’t understand to restrict myself to the Flow….
Solitary, and I felt I could dive into the calmness…
Never was it easy, and more confusing and more sickening….
Reassuring I thought so the Crescent would be, but I forgot about it viewing the Constellation’s Glow…
Happiness isn’t the fact that strikes your comfort,
That foam of calmness derived from that moving breeze builds your strong fort!
Advices strengthen you when told from your models
But the breeze in solitude which hones your conscience is bound to fetch laurels!

~Thaiyaba Anjum

Soft breeze through an open window:

Growing up we had jasmine trellis, a pot of freh mint, 3 colors of kanakambaram and a pot of button roses in front of our house. At the side my kid sister, the youngest had her hen & pigeon house.
When I was supposed to be actively studying for my upcoming exams, do you know what was my favourite spot? An open window …

Starting studies at 6am, soft early morning breeze through my open window … (My Dad named me aptly Naseem means early morning breeze … invigorating, calming and healthy). The breeze, the dew drenched colorful flowers in our garden, the pigeons’ guttu-guttu-goo and the cock crowing and his hens answering him with their cluck-cluck … filled my senses with joy and energy, with confidence and resolve to put my heart & soul into my studies, to give my 100% to any task I start.
I think that it was the soft breeze through an open window that inculcated in a gentle, loving manner discipline, guts and love of lifelong learning. The breeze, the riot of colors of the flowers ( like ‘a host of golden daffodils’), the sounds of birds are imprinted in my mind and memory … all because i chose to sit near an open window to study at 6am.

~ Dr. Naseem Mariam

Soft Breeze Through an Open Window:

I remember a poem I learnt in my school days those many decades ago. It is called ‘Grasshopper Green’ and the last lines is “Summer’s the timefor fun”. Alas! The summers we have now are no longer the summers we experienced then. We did have fun as Mr Grasshopper Green did.
We so looked forward to oursummer holidays. We enjoyed going on picnics and family outings and generally played games like hopscotch, skipping, hide and seek, some of us daring enough tried our hands at kite flying with our brothers, and even played marbles. We didn’t mind sweating and being all messy looking after a good run about strenuous game.
“Oh dear! It’s so hot hot now, there’s water scarcity, and don’t mention the power cuts”, is all the complaints I hear these days. Where ever I saw beautiful summer flowers growing in abandon, now I see concrete buildings having eaten up those grassy bits of earth.
Old buildings that looked so imposing with their grandeur, now look lonesone and tired and miss eaten. One such building is the beautiful picture I see. A single window thrown open, with it’s blind drawn half way, with pots of encouraging red flowers braving the heat of the sun on the window sill. The family living within must be having an ancient ceiling fan whirling away, but the heat is too much. Every wherearound seems to be drying out rapidly with paint peeling off the walls. Even the oncegreen moss has dried out. When it all seemed to have reached a point of stillness, the faint rustling of dried leaves, and then against my sweat-dripping skin wafts a hint of cool soft breeze through the open window, so gently caressing my skin. A much desired relief. I just closed my eyes in humble gratitude and let myself enjoy the breeze. At last! What heaven on earth.

~ Althea Lopez

Still Water Runs Deep :
As we always know at someplace someone talks negative but it always depends on how they are? What made them? And mainly, what’s the consequences? Notice something happen for you too and the thought drives u deep and crazy. In the same way, the water doesn’t flow on the surface but runs deep down.

~ Hemanth

Still Waters Run Deep
When I hear that …
Out my memories peep

Of a grand lady fair and sweet,
Soft of voice and discipline of steel;
She ruled her household like a Queen;
Friends came from far & near
Just to get solace in her calm grace.

Do you know whom I praise?
The loving hands that me did raise:
From the crowds she does shine,
Mrs. Qamar Usmani dear mother of mine.

~ Dr. Naseem Mariam

Soft breeze through an open window,
Rushing inside dusting my home,
Gliding through my loosened hairs,
That I was about to comb.
Then, I tucked my hairs in a bun,
Sat to feel the swirling breeze,
In the hour of the setting sun,
My wandering soul wanted to freeze,
The unknown wind kissed my cheeks,
While the warm coffee licked my lips,
It was yet another of a dreamy hour,
That slowly, steadily healed my scar,
It was yet another of a charm,
To get lost in nature’s arm.
It felt like this breeze celebrated my exsistence,
Entering through my windows,
Acknowledging my presence.

~ Munira Juzer

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3 thoughts on “Writing Prompts

  1. Thank you. This initiative is v enjoyable, challenging and gives me great joy.

    The deadline being a mere 2 days helps the brain dig up hidden feelings emotions and pours it out.

    I recommend Heartflow to every non fiction writer so they can add stories into their factual books and make rhem an enjoyable read.

    Thank you dear founder Aasiya Maryam

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